Questions Every Customer Should Ask

When hiring a machinery mover or repair company for your project, it’s important to ask the right questions so you can be confident in who you hire. In an effort to earn your business, we hope you will contact us and let us answer these questions for you, as well.

Do you have general liability insurance?

General liability insurance documentation should be requested of and issued by the insurance company that provides the coverage. This is the only was to prove that the coverage is still active and dues have been paid. Never accept insurance forms from the service provider.

What is the timeline for project completion?

Because time is money, always have a clear understanding of the timeframe in which your project is to be completed. Poor estimates and delays can be very costly, especially when high-value machinery is not operating. A qualified service provider like All Enterprises will give you a clear timeline and man hours needed to complete your project.

What type of equipment is needed for my project?

Having the right equipment means that the project will operate smoothly and efficiently. When less qualified equipment us used, it may move slower or require additional personnel to operate, which can impact project costs. You should only work with a service provider than can provide the right equipment for the project.

How can machinery downtime be minimized?

When a client depends heavily on a high value piece of manufacturing machinery, we realize there is a loss of revenue when that machine is not operational due to relocation or malfunction. At All Enterprises, we understand the value of the machines we work on and make every effort to minimize down time and clearly communicate our plan to get your machine back up and running.

Are you experienced with our machinery?

Every machine is unique and requires careful handling. When hiring help for your move or repair project, be certain that your service provider has experience with you machine. An experienced technician or mover will be able to minimize down time and work quickly. At All enterprises, we feel that in our 45 years in the business, we’ve seen every type of machine – in fact, we specialize in rare machinery.