About Us

about-photosAll Enterprises Inc. has been moving industrial machinery since 1975. Whether you are shipping overseas, moving a whole plant or just one piece our experienced and personalized service makes working with us a pleasure. We can provide a service of lifting up to 400 tons, with the support equipment and personal to meet your most challenging move.

We have specialized in hydraulic presses for years. Whether they are forging, forming, extrusion, straightening, stretch, vertical, horizontal, up acting or down acting we have worked on all of them. We don’t just move them – we rebuild, reconfigure and maintain them. We are “Press People”.

Although presses are our specialty, don’t let that mislead you. We also work on large chip making equipment. Whether they are vertical, horizontal, bridge, gantry, planer, large lathes and newer five axis machines. We excel at big, complex and delicate projects.